UCONN Benton Cafe

Storrs - 2015

This renovation project was located within the Benton Museum of Fine Arts in the main University of Connecticut Storrs campus. The existing coffee kiosk at the Benton wasn't doing well financially and in an effort to rejuvenate the museum a new student-focused cafe fit for open-mic nights that would also compliment its fine-arts home was envisioned. This required the existing coffee kiosk and museum reception / security desk to be removed to make room for the new full-service café installed with state-of-the art kitchen equipment which will be run by University Dining Services. Both existing and new furniture was used within the café lounge with clear separation between café and museum reception. The Benton Museum was maintained with a new reception / security desk and small store display area allowing for two separate entrances into the museum and cafe.

Typology Educational
Typology Food, Arts & Entertainment