Withers Bergman Law Offices


One, just off Stellavista and M, would have shaken even an old-guard surrealist on a heroin swing. Screened from the road by a mass of dusty rhododendrons, it consisted of six aluminium-shelled spheres suspended like the elements of a mobile from an enormous concrete davit. The largest sphere contained the lounge, the others, successively smaller and spiralling upwards into the air, the bedrooms and kitchen. Many of the hull plates had been holed, and the entire slightly tarnished structure hung down into the weeds poking through the cracked concrete court like a collection of forgotten spaceships in a vacant lot.

Typology Commercial
Location Multiple Locations, CT, NY
Client Withers Bergman
Status Completed
Date 2012


Architect GWG Architects LLC
MEP/FP Engineer Innovative Engineering Services, LLC
Structural Engineer Gilsanz Murray Steficek, LLP
AV Consultant HB Communications, Inc.